Peter Lehmann established the Tanunda-based winery that bears his name in 1979, creating a wine brand that today signifies quality Barossa winemaking.

Each vintage, over 140 grape growers supply Peter Lehmann Wines with quality fruit from over 700 hand-tended vineyards located throughout the Barossa

The collection includes all significant varieties and wine styles, ranging from the flagship Stonewell Shiraz to wines crafted for every day enjoyment. Each one backed by one of the great stories of Australian winemaking.

The original plan was to process fruit and sell it to other companies as bulk wine. This worked well for the first two vintages until the industry took another dive, and the bulk wine market collapsed in 1982.

Peter’s solution to this new crisis was to join what he called the “glass jungle”: bottling wines, and taking them to market under their own brand. Masterson was not a commercial option, so a new brand had to be created.

To the family of investors and growers, “Peter Lehmann” was the logical name.

Peter dismissed the idea as a conflict to his winemaking ethos of teamwork. After a great deal of convincing, in 1982 he agreed to put his name to his promise to the growers and so Peter Lehmann Wines was born.

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